About Anna Londei

✨Every girl needs a bit of glitter!✨

“My love of embellishment and sequins started at an early age. I remember my mum buying me these red and gold lurex socks when I was six. They were the itchiest things ever but I put up with them just because they were sparkly and they made me feel special. Like a little magpie I’d have to touch everything that caught my eye.”

Anna Londei is a trained designer from the University of Westminster and has previously sold her cutting-edge accessories and range of customised t-shirts at Top Shop’s Bazaar in Oxford Street. She has also designed collections for Freedom Jewellery and Outerwear. Her designs have been used in music videos, television and magazines. In addition, Faith commissioned Anna to customise a range of Green Flash trainers that were a sell out in Top Shop.

“I have always been a fan of customising and being unique which is something my wonderful father taught me. I even used to run my own customising booth at Top Shop!

This is what my label stands for today…dare to be different and stand out from the crowd. All my designs have an element of lovely childhood memories from the fabulous 80’s plus a love of Elvis and all that glitters. Wear something that can truly make you feel amazing, a bit like those itchy socks I owned as a child”

Every single item from Anna Londei is handmade and unique.

“I’ve always loved making things and the fact that each piece is individually hand crafted is something I know will appeal to my customers…enjoy!”

Mix and Match Your Patch

Seen a design on a t-shirt that you want on a hoodie and in a different colour? No problemo! All of our patches and designs are available to order on t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for no extra charge because we are nice like that. We believe that the freedom to choose and be unique shouldn’t come at a cost, so if you're looking for something truly special, please get in touch! We have made custom-made clothing for special birthday parties, hen doos and most other celebrations.

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We’re always putting our fresh new, custom patches on our Instagram so if something catches your eye, give us a shout and we can make it again for you.

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